Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sorry for the long wait for the up dates
I have been busy for the whole week that I have no time to seat in front of the com for even 20 mins
that is how busy i am lor...

okey... there are the updates

June 14 - 16, 2009 (Sunday - Tuesday)

d2n d
ive camp 2009 !!!

Had fun through i only attended 1 day...
damn... this camp clash with my lifesaving competition camp

reported at 3pm on 14 of june

check in to kismis compartment at 3.30pm

they started the game ''wacko'' just a naming game
then a lot of other games la


they played a game with shaving cream is so gross
but will
thank god it is over

9pm ended
I slept alone that night lo
so sad

2nd day
I did not join the camp

cuz of this

Competition Training Camp‏!!!!
15 June to 17 June ( sat- wed)

so sad right
I have to report at 10am beside the swimming pool
if not i would have gone with the divers for rock climbing

11pm we started training liao

so training training training untill 9pm

good right
I seriously feel like sponge lor
I remembered my Diver's camp anyway
so i joined them a short while for their BBQ
while i never eat la
cuz i scared they not enough

oh well
went outside market to eat with the lifeguard ppl

came back at 11 +
no 1 wanted to play daide

but see what they doing



every1 so ''busy''

i no choice lo go sleep
shared room with Chong zheng and Chist
didn't do nuts cuz we dam tired

3rd day

Diver' club check out at 10am
so i went to pack my room that i slept in the 1st night

back to training camp 10pm
started training
untill 2 pm


4pm continue

9pm ended
went MacDonald s

1o pm camp briefing

this is our big Family!!!!
God I love this Pic!!!!

haha later went back to watch movie on Chong zhengs lappy

at fist we watch ''unborn''
it is damn scary la but still great movie

every1 was damn shaky after that
we changed room and....

watch ''Taken''!!!!

haha Chong zheng cannot stand it liao half way fell a sleep

I slept half way when they where watching Monsters vs Alians

4th day check out at 10+am

went home for a nap

went back to school for

NTU friendly match!!!

ya we tio trash!!!
but it was a great experiance

19-22 June 2009

Redang Diving Trip!!!

Day 1

2030 Meet at Ngee ann poly

2100 Bus Departs

Day 2

0800 Arrive At Merang Jetty

1000 Boat transfer to Island

1130 Room check in

*1130 Diving

1300-1400 Lunch

1415 Snorkeling

*1500 Diving

1630-1730 Tea Break

1930-2030 Dinner/BBQ

Day 3

0730-0830 Breakfast

*0830 Diving

0915 Snorkeling

*1130 Diving

1300-1400 Lunch

1415 Snorkeling

*1500 Diving

1630-1730 Tea Break

1930-2030 Dinner/BBQ

Day 4

0730-0800 Breakfast / Room check out

0830 1st boat transfer to Merang

2200 arrive at ngee ann poly

as u can seee

from singapore to merang jetty is a 12 HOURS BUS RIDE
lucky is VIP bus sia
got sofa inside if not ah....

one thing i like about this trp is the speed boat lo!!!
haha it is so fast that it was jumping on water!!!


okey enough of this loooonngggg post

diving pics will be uploaded soon!!!!


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Saturday, June 13, 2009

yays! exams are over!!!
Dad bought me a new lappy yesterday from the IT show at sutac.
and i am now stuck with the new 1, transferring all the stuffs from the old lappy over
wow i did not know there is so much outdated documents in there
oh well...
passing the old one to my younger brother

so i slept like a pig until 12 noon today
I still wan to continue sleeeeepppping!!!
but mom won't let me
god..... I just have to climb out of bed to stop her from nagging

well still abit sleepy so I went to play the piano
aiyo... i sleepy then oso play sleepy song sooooo....

played while sleeping
half the time i have no idea what i am playing
lol... for 1 hour plus sia
then mum came in ask me to stop playing
say she oso going to fall a sleep ald

i was like... '' i play until so good meh?"
mum never answer... -.-

spend the rest of the day watching Naruto
I childish right?
neverming since i nothing to do

okey back to watching!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Okey so I finally created another blog since i stop posting for ages
I was reading the previous posts and i thought they sounded stupid....
Those who read it, i guess u think so too right?
That was my time in year 1, belief it or not I have deleted all those nonsensical posts

All I can say is that through out my year 1 i learned a lot of things mostly not alone but with a bunch of great friends, friends doesn't mean friends from class only, but friends from the same lectures & clinical attachment
Those are the only things that i want to remember :D

enough of first part intro
Well today is the 4 day of common test
tomorrow is the last paper

to recall
Monday~ Nursing science 4
tuesday~ Nursing Science Lab 2.2
Wednesday~ Pyschology & sociology 2
Thursday~ Nursing Science 3
Friday~ Ethics,law & health care

I hope i do well :P

I will lenghten this post after my common test

back to study

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